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Adoption of Recommentations and Declarations

Sikh Identity

  • Why should there be any question or doubt of the identity of a people who form the fifth largest religion in the world that is over 500 years old, number more than 20 million, and are found all over the globe?
  • Sikh Institutions need to continually emphasize the message of the Sikh indentity and uniqueness in their interaction with civic and governmental institutions and by sharing a common policy platform with religious and multifaith organizations.
  • Sikhs need to put Article 25 of the Indian Constitution at the center stage of the political arena, so that in can be appropriately amended.
  • Gurdwaras need to be at the center of a campaign of education to emphasize the uniqueness and singularity of the sikh message, without compromising the universality of the Sikh principle of sarbat da bhalla.
  • Gurdwaras must also reach out to the religions of their neighbors to build bridges.
  • Gurdwaras also must continue to fund non Gurdwara Sikh organization in their outreach and legal efforts.
Sikh Awareness
  • It is the duty of every Sikh to stay on the path of Gurmat and the Rehat Maryada and to pledge his/her mind body and soul to espousing the Sikh cause.
  • It is duty of every Sikh to create awareness about Sikhi both individually and by supporting and strengthening awareness initiatives of Sikh organizations.
  • We should encourage Sikhs to become Granthis by creating an attractive seva environment through attractive pay and conditions.
Kakaars and Dastaar
  • We must be confident and aware of who we are and what we believe in, and have the knowledge to congently educate others about our unique identity as Sikhs. Every Sikh has the Guru-given, inalienable right to freely and fearlessly wear the Kakaars and the Dastaar in every country across the globe.
  • We must educate and inform ourselves and others at every level as to the inherent and inseparable centrality of the Kakaars and Dastaar to the Sikh faith.
Sikh Civil Rights
  • It is incumbent upon the Sikhs to familiarize themselves with the Civil rights (Civil liberties and/or Human Rights) in the country of their citizenship/residence/work, and to work with the local authorities within the legal framwork of their country of citizenship/residence/work.
  • Set up an international organization or secretariat dedicated to advocating Sikh Civil Rights with international representation wherever Sikh communites are to be found. Sikh Civil rights organizations should provide representaion and organizational resources with the financial help from Shiromani Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee (SGPC) and Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC).
  • Sikh Civil Rights Organization should work at the Gurdwara level to raise awareness among Sikh masses regarding their rights as Citizens/residents and or workers.
Advocacy for Sikh Rights
  • Create a global grassroots media, educational, legal and political forum for the upliftment and empowerment of the Sikh community and others.
  • It is our God given duty not only to advocate for the basic civil rights of others but to create an awareness of the great Sikh spirit of Chardi Kala, Sarbat da Bhalla, and Wand Ke Chhakna while reciting the name of the almighty and using the gift of the pen as the sword to collectively uplift, educate and empower the world.
©Jas Singh