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The following Resolution was unanimously adopted by the Punjabi Community gathered at the Sikh Temple, situated at 2468 Tierra Buena Road, Yuba City, California on Sunday 2nd May, 2010. Organized by the Punjabi Sahit Sabha California, the occasion was the ‘Punjabi Boli Divas’ celebrating the promotion and development of the Punjabi Language, which according to UNESCO, based on numbers is the 11th largest language spoken worldwide. Punjabi Language is the mother tongue of Punjabis who live in Punjab, situated in the northwest of India or can trace their roots to Punjab which once stretched from Delhi all the way to Afghanistan. The Punjabi Sahit Sabha California is a non profit organization of writers and poets who write in Punjabi. Its members live in the North and Central Valley California.

“ABX 4 2(Evans) Section 28 which has suspended the Textbook adoptions and Curriculum Framework Revisions until school year 2013-14 should be amended to ensure that the draft 2010 History-Social Science (HSS) Framework is adopted without undue delay as enshrined in the Senate Bill, SB 1278 (Wyland) and Assembly Bill AB 2069 (Carter), presented in the Senate and Assembly Education Committees respectively on April 21, 2010. We also support the Assembly Bill AB 97, which will allow the inclusion of ‘Sikhi’ in the Content Standards for updating the History-Social Science Content Standards”.

Harbans Singh Dhillon,
President Punjabi Sahit Sabha California,
P O Box 3754,
Yuba City, CA 95992
Tel: 530 933 2204
©Jas Singh