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Sikh Council of Central California
by: Dr. Sharnjit Purewal

April 24, 2010
Venue: Pacific Coast Khalsa Diwan Society, Caruthers Gurdwara.

  1. Ardas
  2. Members present:
    1. Amrik S. Virk
    2. Ranjit S. Rajpal
    3. Iqbal S. Brar
    4. Paul S. Virk
    5. Lachhman S. Rathore
    6. Jagjit S. Thind
    7. Mohinder S. Grewal
    8. Baldev S. Sangha
    9. Jasdeep Singh
    10. Kehar S. Khaira
  3. Members absent
    1. Onkar S. Mukker
    2. Gurdev S. Muhar
    3. Mohan S. Badhesha
    4. Mohindar S. Poonia
    5. Avtar S. Rakhra
    6. Charanjit S. Bath
    7. Manpreet Kaur
    8. Manvinder Singh
    9. Boota S. Chahil
    10. Bharpur S. Dhaliwal
    11. Maj. Raghbir S. Gill
  4. Members excused
    1. Col. Hardev S. Gill
    2. Pashaura S. Dhillon
    3. Sharnjit S. Purewal
  5. Guests present
    1. Sandeep K. Maan
    2. Lal S. Cheema
  6. Approval of Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 4:09 PM. Mool Mantar was recited to open the meeting. After review of the minutes of the last meeting a motion to approve was made by Lachhman Singh, a second by Iqbal Singh, and the minutes were approved by all.
  7. Selma Nagar Keertan - there was some discussion about the Vaisakhi article in the Fresno Bee. Dr. Rajpal suggested that Selma Gurdwara committee should have better control over information being passed to media. He suggested that Selma committee should start communicating with SCCC about the Nagar Keertan for better organization.
  8. Asian Religions Function at Fresno City College - S. Amrik Singh informed everyone about this function and requested S. Mohinder Singh Grewal to join him in presenting the talk on Sikhism, since there has been no response from S. Manvinder Singh regarding this function.
  9. Religious Committee - No update
  10. Public Relations committee – no update.
  11. Punjabi Language Committee – Dr. Rajpal informed everyone about letter written by S. Pashaura Singh to congressman regarding Punjabi language promotion.
  12. Multifaith Exchange – S. Kehar Singh informed about the next meeting about Sikhism at Gurdwara Sahib Nanak Sar on May 16th from 3:00pm to 5:00pm. Dr. Paul S.Virk had volunteered to speak at the program. He will be speaking for 45 minutes and rest of the time will be group discussion. Master Lashman Singh suggested that kids should participate. But, S. Kehar Singh suggested that there should not be any kids speaking there, only adult should speak and it should be about Sikh Philosophy. S. Kehar Singh requested everyone to be there and help out.
  13. Interfaith Alliance - S. Mohinder Singh informed the committee about the national prayer day. S. Amrik Singh volunteered to join them.
  14. Fresno County Prison - Mr. Terry from Fresno County requested more head coverings for the prisoners. S. Paul Singh suggested that we should arrange for a priest to go there and provide religious guidance. S. Jasdeep Singh recommended that S. Manvinder Singh would be the right person to do so. S. Mohinder Singh Grewal suggested that this should not be done and this motion has been canceled.
  15. Guru Nanak Prakash Ustav - S. Amrik Singh suggested that we talk to all the Gurdwaras and decide on a location at next month’s meeting. S. Ranjit Singh suggested that we have the function on November 14 th, 2010. A sub-committee was created with following members: Master Lashman Singh, S. Amrik Singh, S. Ranjit Singh and S. Mohinder Singh Grewal. Members were informed that Moga Video was never paid for prior year’s videotaping. S. Amrik Singh gave receipt of $500 to S. Mohinder Singh Grewal to pay Moga video. Master Lasham Singh suggested that Gurbani should not be printed on regular paper.
  16. Caruthers Mela - S. Jasdeep Singh made the motion that S. Ranjit Singh should talk about SCCC projects at the mela. S. Ranjit Singh said that if he can’t make it then he will request S. Pashaura Singh to speak on his behalf.
  17. Miscellaneous - S. Kuldip Singh and S. Ranjit S. Rajpal have been accepted as members of the Madera Gurdwara Sahib, Gurdwara Gurmat Prakash.
  18. Adjourn: S. Amrik Singh made a motion to adjourn the meeting and S. Iqbal Singh made a second to it. The meeting was adjourned on time. The next meeting will be at Singh Sabha Gurdwara on Dakota in Fresno
Ranjit S. Rajpal M. D.
General Secretary, SCCC
©Jas Singh