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Sikh Council of Central California
by: Dr. Sharnjit Purewal

April 25, 2009
Venue: Gurdwara Nanak Sar, Fresno.

  1. Ardas.
  2. Members present:
    1. Manpreet Kaur
    2. Paul S. Virk
    3. Kehar S. Khaira
    4. Mohan S. Badhesha
    5. Manvinder Singh
    6. Sharnjit S. Purewal
    7. Mohinder S. Grewal
    8. Gurdev S. Muhar
    9. Jasdeep Singh
    10. Ranjit S. Rajpal
    11. Pashaura S. Dhillon
    12. Maj. Raghbir S. Gill
    13. Jagjit S. Thind
    14. Onkar S. Mukker
  3. Members absent
    1. Charanjit S. Bath
    2. Baldev S. Sangha
    3. Lachhman S. Rathore
    4. AP Singh
    5. Avtar S. Rakhra
    6. Bharpur S. Dhaliwal
    7. Amrik S. Virk
    8. Amarjit Singh
    9. Mohindar S. Poonia
  4. Members excused
    1. Col. Hardev S. Gill
    2. Iqbal S. Brar
  5. Guests present
    1. Prabhjot Kaur
    2. Daler Singh
  6. Approval of Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 4:07 PM. Mool Mantar was recited to open the meeting. After review of the minutes of the last meeting, a motion to approve was made by Gurdev Singh, seconded by Pal Singh, and were unanimously approved.
  7. Religious Committee - There are two Sikhs currently trying to join the U. S. Army but are not being allowed to because of their turbans and beards. The Sikh Coalition is fighting on their behalf. Members should announce this at the Gurdwaras, ask the Sangat to sign the online petition and donate financial support also.
  8. Kirpan Education Bill AB 504 - This bill was passed by the Committee on Public Safety on 3/31. It will next go to the Assembly Appropriations Committee. The Sikh Coalition is working on this issue.
  9. Multifaith Exchange The last meeting was on Christianity. The next meeting will be on Budhism.
  10. Interfaith Alliance - There will be an Interfaith Prayer meeting on May 7th. A Keertani Jatha will be sent on behalf of SCCC. The annual July 4th Picnic is also being planned.
  11. Sikhs in California History-Social Science Curriculum - The California Dept. of Education was receptive to the comments made by Sikh attendees. Their next meeting will be on May 1st to discuss changes to the curriculum. Pashuara Singh has written a letter to be sent to the CFCC committee requesting changes to the curriculum.
  12. United Sikhs Right to Turban case in France - Caruthers Guru Ghar pledges $1000.
  13. Kirpan in Fresno Superior Court - the meeting on Apr. 3rd resulted in the court agreeing to provide a box to store the Kirpan while the person is in the court. Officials stated they will consider the request to allow Sikhs to carry the Kirpan into the Court.
  14. Food in Prisons - It is reported that Vegetarian food is not available in the prisons yet Muslim and Jewish kosher food is available. SCCC will try to arrange a meeting with the Dept of Corrections to discuss this.
  15. Youth Committee - There will be a Youth Forum in English at Nanak Sar Gurdwara on May 3rd, from 12 to 5 PM. It will be open forum question and answer.
  16. Punjabi Language Promotion - Sikh Students Association has not written a letter to the Dean despite being asked several times. After some discussion it was decided that SCCC should continue efforts through the Punjabi community, initially by collecting a signature list of community members who support the installation of Punjabi classes in all public schools. Pashsaura Singh, Gurdev Singh, Jasdeep Singh, Mohan Singh, and Maj. Raghbir Singh have volunteered to help collect signatures at the Vaisakhi Mela. Also, a meeting will be arranged with Central Unified School district.
  17. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM on a motion made by Onkar Singh and seconded by Jasdeep Singh. The next meeting will be on May. 30, 2009, 4:00 PM at Gurdwara Nanak Sar on Cherry Ave. in Fresno.
Ranjit S. Rajpal M. D.
General Secretary, SCCC
©Jas Singh