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Sikh Council of Central California
by: Dr. Sharnjit Purewal

December 13, 2008
Venue: Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast, Selma.

  1. Ardas
  2. Members Present:
    1. Ranjit S. Rajpal
    2. Jagjit S. Thind
    3. Kehar S. Khaira
    4. Pashaura S. Dhillon
    5. Maj. Raghbir S. Gill
    6. Sharnjit S. Purewal
    7. Baldev S. Sangha
    8. Mohinder S. Grewal
    9. Mohan S. Badhesha
    10. Gurdev S. Muhar
    11. Col. Hardev S. Gill
    12. Jasdeep Singh
  3. Members absent
    1. Charanjit S. Bath
    2. Onkar S. Mukker
    3. Mohindar S. Poonia
    4. AP Singh
    5. Avtar S. Rakhra
    6. Bharpur S. Dhaliwal
    7. Iqbal S. Brar
    8. Amarjit Singh
  4. Members excused
    1. Paul S. Virk
    2. Lachhman S. Rathore
    3. . Amrik S. Virk
    4. Harsa Singh
  5. Guests present
    1. Kuldip S. Chatha
    2. Raj Singh Badhesha (SALDEF)
    3. Manvinder Singh
    4. Manpreet Kaur
    5. Joginder Singh
  6. Approval of Minutes:
    The meeting was called to order at 4:15 PM. After review of the minutes of the last meeting, a motion to approve was made by Jasdeep Singh, seconded by Kehar Singh, and were unanimously approved.
  7. Committee Reports: Before committee reports there was clarification about which committees are in existence in the SCCC. This was clarified and members of these committees were added and removed as appropriate. A list of these committees and members will be published separately.
  8. Multifaith Exchange The last meeting was on the Islamic faith. The Sikh community was represented by Manvinder Singh, Harpreet Kaur, Iqbal Singh, and Kehar Singh.
  9. Interfaith Alliance - The Thanksgiving event was held at the Unitarian Universalist Church on Nov. 26th, 2008 at 7:00 PM. Each faith described how they celebrate Thanksgiving. There was also discussion about the terrorist attack in Mumbai and members of all faiths condemned the attacks. Local TV news coverage was provided. Mohinder S. Grewal represented SCCC and the Sikh faith at the meeting.
  10. Location of meetings - there was some discussion about whether meetings should be held on rotation at each Gurdwara or at a central location. After some discussion it was decided that the rotation would be 3 months at a time at each of the 4 centrally located Gurdwaras.
  11. United Sikhs - It was reported by Ranjit Singh that United Sikhs will file the Right to Turban case before the United Nations Human Rights Committee on Dec. 14-15, 2008. SCCC had been invited to attend this landmark event. Gagandeep S. Rajpal has volunteered to attend as representative of SCCC.
  12. SALDEF - Raj S. Badhesha gave a brief summary of this organizations services and history. SALDEF is hoping to open a California office and he encouraged sponsorship and attendance at the fundraiser tonight at the North India Bar and Grill.
  13. Guru Nanak Parkash Ustav (Khalsa Darbar 2008) - SCCC thanks Gurdwara Sahib Sikh Center of the Pacific Coast, Selma for their help and support of this function. The major expenses totaled $1855 and consisted of Akhand Paath, Keertani Jathas, and the keynote speeker.
  14. Captain Gurdial Singh Gill passed away last month after many years of service to SCCC and the Sikh community. A moment of silence and Naam Simran was observed in his honor. A letter of condolence will be drafted and sent to his family.
  15. SCCC Website - Thanks to Jasdeep Singh the website is now up and running at There was a brief discussion about improvements to the website.
  16. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 6:00 PM on a motion made by Pashaura Singh and seconded by Gurdev Singh The next meeting will be on Jan. 31, 2009 at Gurdwara Singh Sabha on Dakota Ave. in Fresno.
Ranjit S. Rajpal M. D.
General Secretary, SCCC
©Jas Singh