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Sikh Council of Central California
by: Dr. Sharnjit Purewal

June 27, 2009
Venue: Gurdwara Nanak Sar, Fresno.

  1. Ardas.
  2. Members present:
    1. Ranjit S. Rajpal
    2. Gurdev S. Muhar
    3. Kehar S. Khaira
    4. Bharpur S. Dhaliwal
    5. Onkar S. Mukker
    6. Sharnjit S. Purewal
    7. Mohinder S. Grewal
    8. Jagjit S. Thind
    9. Jasdeep Singh
    10. Lachhman S. Rathore
    11. Pashaura S. Dhillon
    12. Maj. Raghbir S. Gill
    13. Col. Hardev S. Gill
    14. Charanjit S. Bath
  3. Members absent
    1. Mohindar S. Poonia
    2. Baldev S. Sangha
    3. Manvinder Singh
    4. AP Singh
    5. Avtar S. Rakhra
    6. Iqbal S. Brar
    7. Mohan S. Badhesha
    8. Amarjit Singh
    9. Manpreet Kaur
  4. Members excused
    1. Paul S. Virk
    2. Amrik S. Virk
  5. Guests present
    1. Atma Singh
    2. Daler Singh
  6. Approval of Minutes: The meeting was called to order at 4:15 PM. Mool Mantar was recited to open the meeting. After review of the minutes of the last meeting, a motion to approve was made by Jasdeep Singh, seconded by Raghbir Singh, and were unanimously approved.
  7. Punjabi Language Promotion - Central Unified School district has stated that Punjabi has been added to the syllabus as a class that is offered. This will be confirmed and then announcements will be made in the Punjabi media.
  8. Kirpan in Fresno Superior Court - Onkar Singh reported that he has an estimate of approximately $3000 for two sets of four lock boxes for the Kirpan storage. Each box is 16 and 1/2 inch size.
  9. Kirpan Education Bill AB 504 - This bill was passed by the State Assembly. Next it will go to the State Senate Public Safety Committee.
  10. Multifaith Exchange The Steering Committee met on June 7th and new officers were appointed to take over and continue the monthly meetings. The orientation meeting will take place on Sept. 20th. May 16th, 2010 is the date assigned to the Sikh faith.
  11. Interfaith Alliance - Lachhman Singh presented the menu for the July 4th Picnic. The cost will be $500 to $600. Individual Gurdwaras are asked to contribute.
  12. Sikhs in California History-Social Science Curriculum - Pashuara Singh reported that only Math and English were discussed at the June 4th.meeting. Social Studies and History will be discussed at a later meeting.
  13. United Sikhs Right to Turban case in France - no further funds have been collected from the Gurdwaras.
  14. Guru Nanak Prakash Devas - there was some discussion about a keynote speaker. Dr. Onkar S. Bindra will be contacted as a potential speaker. On a related note, the Sikh youth came together to serve a meal to the poor and homeless on June 23rd at Poverello house.
  15. Election of Officers - After some discussion Bharpur Singh made a motion that Ranjit Singh continue as General Secretary. A second to this motion was made by Charanjit Singh and it was passed unanimously. Kehr Singh made a motion that Sharnjit Singh continue as Associate Secretary. A second to this motion was made by Raghbir Singh and it was passed unanimously. Bharpur Singh made a motion that Mohinder S. Grewal continue as Treasurer. A second to this motion was made by Lachhman Singh and it was passed unanimously. Mohinder S. Grewal made a motion that Gurdev Singh be appointed as Assistant Treasurer. A second to this motion was made by Charanjit Singh and it was passed unanimously. There were some suggestions that we should appoint a Press Secretary but since this is not an existing office this will be discussed at the next meeting.
  16. Sikh Heritage Display at Smithsonian - The Sikh Heritage Display from the Asian History Department of the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is currently being loaned to museums across the U.S. Dr. Taylor from the Smithsonian has agreed to loan it to the Fresno Art Museum, which in turn has agreed to put it on display for 10 to 12 weeks starting Dec. 17, 2010. The only cost involved would be transportation of the display and the funds would need to be raised by the community. The community may also have some input into which items are put on display.
  17. Miscellaneous - A) Noting the success of the Jakara 09 program that was held in Fresno June 21st, Pashaura Singh proposed that we ask the Jakara organization to be involved in SCCC projects. There were no objections. B) Pashaura Singh has been in contact with Bhai Jasbir Singh of Sikhs for Justice and offered them the assistance of SCCC in whatever way possible.
  18. Adjourn: The meeting was adjourned at 6:30 PM on a motion made by Onkar Singh and seconded by Gurdev Singh. The next meeting will be on July 25, 2009, 4:00 PM at Gurdwara Guru Nanak Prakash.
Ranjit S. Rajpal M. D.
General Secretary, SCCC
©Jas Singh